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  1. Tatsu Dragoniac

    Anybody registered there? Just started to personalise my account but so far I don't really get it what's so exciting about the whole thing. Seems like I'm more of an myspace person. I'm registered under Barbara Loosli, feel free to add me and please post here if you have an account too. :)
  2. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I have a Facebook account. Should've figured that one. But yeah, I prefer Myspace myself, though I am rather addicted to Facebook. Seems it can't hide it's grasp from me.
  3. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    I'm pretty sure I don't have an account, and I don't plan on getting one. I don't use FAILspace either. It reminds me too much of how much I despise and hate Mac computers. And I HIGHLY recommend no one start up a conversation or debate w/ me about Apple. You will not sway my views.
  4. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    I deleted my Myspace account, and my Facebook one is collecting dust. I'm certainly not wanting to insult anyone, but I really don't see who the hell would want to waste time reading stuff about somebody else or checking out their online quiz results-other then that, it just seems to me that people use it to spam as many friends as possible, even if they won't ever talk or otherwise get in contact with them. Is it a good place to meet other people? How come in Myspace I had all these sluts wanting to be friends with me? Didn't they register that I was female-my name isn't that weird.

    I guess it's good for friends, and relatives and the like...and I tried, and it was bunk. :D It's a new online fad that's here to stay, but I guess I'm too old. Besides, did you see the kinds of people who frequent these places? Ha ha.

    Myspace WAS cool for customization though.
  5. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Never used facebook,never tried it. I don't liek myspace much but it is fun to customize it and is alright for keeping in contact with friends, I don't just add random people. But yes burial, I do like to know about people so even if it isn't a full truth it tells you many things. It's never a bad thing to pay attention to/observe people in my honest opinion. But maybe I just care a little too much at times, or like to know who to avoid.
  6. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Ive met more friends on myspace then ones I have kept in touch with, the whole bulliten shit fails, but its great because everyone has one almost.
  7. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    Nah it might be just me-I really don't care to observe folks online that much, but that doesn't mean I'm saying it's stupid, useless or whatever. I mean I can't imagine why you'd want to spend time on someone's Myspace, but I'm certainly not belittling whatever reasons you have to do so.

    Besides, I'm not completely telling the truth-some people ARE interesting, and I HAVE checked some out, but with the thousands of people on those places, I don't get motivated that much to look around, rather then to check out the pages of the folks I already know, which is the only valid reason why Myspace is fun, at least for me.
    But I can't check anything out anymore anyways, as I have no Myspace lol.
  8. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    Honestly, I don't see the point in having a personal page where everyone can send me messages and ask me to be in their friend list. I have MSN where I chat with pretty all those I wanna keep in touch with. The only profile page I have is at Last.fm because I wanted to discover new artists and share music with people from VGC mostly.

    No Facebook for me. Everyone around me told me to get one and I said no.
  9. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I have to agree with Lithium in the fact that I, too, love to read other people's profiles. As stated, even if they aren't telling the truth, it's interesting to know who they are, what they like, and how into their account they are. And if they're lying, it's VERY interesting to try and figure out what they were lying about, or how they've contradicted themselves. Although on Facebook, you can't really write about as much stuff on yourself as you can on Myspace, it's still cool to follow up on your friends and see how they're doing in life. Especially if they're away on AIM or MSN or Yahoo! Messenger.
  10. CptnObvious999 Captain of all obvious!

    I used to have a MySpace then got a Facebook and got all my friends to switch too, so I deleted my MySpace. :) I like Facebook because it is a great way to communicate with friends. I love tagging friends on photos and commenting on them and having events so you can see what is going on in your network and that your friends are doing and stuff like that. I plan concerts, parties, etc all on Facebook.

    I can see why some people would not need to have a Facebook but once you get into college and your friends leave and you want to stay in contact it is nice, or be able to talk to them even when they are going to school and work most of the week.

    Facebook also is better organized and more professional looking than MySpace IMHO although it does take a while to figure it all out. Facebook also doesn't have the friend/message spamming problem MySpace had and I can see all the text on everyones Facebook since they are not using very odd hard-to-read layouts.

    I could rant about how I hate MySpace more but I'm just going to say that overall I like Facebook a lot more. If you are curious about it I'd say give it a shot.
  11. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    Yeah Facebook is slightly more confusing in its layout then Myspace, but Myspace gets downright ridiculous to load or navigate depending on what the person has their page. I never quite got used to Facebook, and although I really don't like these things, I agree that it is of much better quality.
  12. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    A few years ago, someone coaxed me into making a MySpace page, and I've visited it, perhaps, three times since then.

    I don't have a Facebook, nor do I have any intentions of getting one, but I'm fairly certain something similar would happen if I did.
  13. Pokemon655 New Member

    i made one before but then i sum man found me and sexually assulted me =(
  14. I will never use facebook. I'm sorry.

    Note: REAL 1,000th post.
  15. Ted Owls don't lie.

    I like facebook more than myspace. It seems more people I know use facebook. It does seem like the ultimate stalker's tool, though. :(
  16. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I'm really a much more myspace person than Facebook, though I do have both, as I mentioned before. I guess I just wanna be stalked. >>
  17. CptnObvious999 Captain of all obvious!

    Well I can see what you might mean by that seeing as that digests changes to your profile, tagged photos, status updates, events joined, groups joined, etc all into a little news feed. However the privacy controls on Facebook are amazing and you can hide and show whatever information, apps, photos, etc to only a specific set of people or networks. You can set it to be even more restricted then MySpace if you wanted you just have to do it manually.
  18. Overdrive New Member

    I have a Facebook account (Tatsu I added you). I have a MySpace account as well which I haven't touched in eons. I don't care for MySpace anymore because of the tons and tons of bots that try and add you constantly for porn advertisements and stuff like that.

    I like Facebook because it looks way more organized, it has tons of features, and the way to get around can be confusing at first, but once you know what you're doing and where you're going you should be fine. The thing is though with both sites is why do you really need so many customization features?

    Half of the applications are pointless and can make your profile stretch pages and pages on end. Who needs an application called "Are You Hot" or whatever the one I was just invited to a few days ago...like come on. You can have up to 250 applications on your profile I think...as for MySpace profiles - way too big as well, and the layouts people make - 98% of them stretch or are just horrid.
  19. CptnObvious999 Captain of all obvious!

    I totally agree about the amount of stupid apps (especially those vampire, zombie, etc apps). That's just what happens when you create an open platform, people go crazy and create a ton of pointless apps, but there are some really good ones made in the process. Here are the useful apps I have found so far:

  20. Overdrive New Member

    I have the pointless ones on my profile because I keep getting invitations to them...some of the games though ARE fun though I'll give you that.

    Ones I do like / use tho:

    What's on my iPod
    Sports Bets
    Scrabulous (Scrabble)

    I have one other one called "Cities I've visited" that I'd use more but well, I don't have a lot of money and stuff lol.

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