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  1. boomstick ....Naked

    Voltron.....are you serious, the only way those two are similar are the mech's, but even those are very different.

    It may not be what you expect, I know it was for me, beware it's very depressing
  2. Psion Quit(but still is a Hikari Lover)

    I logged on after months of AFKing just to say this: Evangelion is and always will be my favorite anime.
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  3. Ghastly Stuff.

    I've never watched it, being so much time out of the US. When I get back, I'll make sure to buy a DVD.
  4. boomstick ....Naked

    I've been reading the Manga version now, I've read through Vol. 7 and have 8 & 9 on order from Amazon, the Manga version is on par with the TV series, I love the way it's told with Shinji's thoughts interweaved in, done perfectly.

    To bad the manga isn't done yet and could take another few years to translate it all into english. :(
  5. Vampiro V. Empire ist Krieg

    Scanlations get!
  6. ubx51 ABBA Fanboy

    I hear mixed reviews about the manga version. I have only read the first two volumes and it seems okay. I do hear it does strays away from the anime so it might be worth a look if I can find future volumes for cheap.
  7. boomstick ....Naked

    It does stray a littlefrom the anime, but it's basically the same story, so far nothing really major changes, except we get a little more insight on Misato's and Kaji's relationship and a little more background on Kaji, but I see those as good add ons.

    Oh, and you also see into Shinji's thought at some points, but they're put in at perfect times, it's more a improvement really.
  8. ubx51 ABBA Fanboy

    This may be a bit off-topic but has anyone seen the manga being serialized in Newtype USA? The character design is awful. Especially Asuka's. I'll still read it but I have to try and not look at the drawings,
  9. chaleur spectrale flori ve┼čtejite

    Damn... my only experience with Evangelion is the 6th (maybe the 7th, I don't remember exactly, heh)volume of the manga, but I almost cried at the end. It was very powerful and it makes me sad that I didn't get to read the previous ones first. It's been a while since I've given Evangelion any thought, but I'll have to get into the anime (even though I'm really not a big anime person) at some point in the future.
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  10. boomstick ....Naked

    After about Vol. 7 the manga starts straying from the way the anime is told, espically the final child/angel, he's seriously different from his anime counterpart, he even helps to fight an angel in the manga.

    Plus Shinji and Rei kinda grow up, too, not in the sexual sense(yet), but you can definately see them starting to mature in about Vol. 9, something that never really seems to happen flat out in the anime.

    I predict a different ending than the anime and EOE, it just seems to be going that way.

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