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  1. Vampiro V. Empire ist Krieg

    Diversity is the key to music. As much as you may enjoy a certain genre, group, language, or what have you, you must expand your musical tastes. And that's exactly what this thread is for. Your job is to recommend some lesser known bands, genres, or maybe even different languages to the members of GW.

    I'd start you guys off, but it's late (or early) for me, and I'm having trouble recalling some bands. I'll probably post some or edit this later.
  2. Sapphire Rose Bleeding thorugh the eyes.

    I've mentioned them before, somewhere, but here goes.... again.

    Arockalypse and the Amazing Trans-Metropolitans
    Filo Bedo
    Frau Frau
    Killing the Critism

    And my favorite genres are Grindcore, Death, and Black Metal (just so you know that I like good music n_n). I'll post some more once I remember them.
  3. Vampiro V. Empire ist Krieg

    I love you :)
  4. Kadenzza New Member

    Artists I really like that fit my main musical tastes:

    Devin Townsend
    Dream Theater

    Artists I really like that don't really fit:

    Junkie XL
    Juno Reactor
    The Doors
    Simon & Garfunkel
  5. William Guest

    Anything I upload into the Jukebox that you haven't heard anything by before.

    But if I have to list a few lesser-known bands...

    Odyssey (Sweden - Dan Swano) - Only put out 3 songs.

    End of Green (German band, sings in English) - Melancholic-styled Rock

    Razed in Black - Not really lesser-known but still a great group that everyone should listen to more of.
  6. Lupinexus New Member

    *laugh track*

    THANK YOU! I recommend "Share this Poison," "Come Back to Me," "Visions," and "Damaged" especially. Oh, hell, the entire album those songs are on, Damaged, is a masterpiece.

    Also, you may as well just mark down Dan Swano in general. He does metal the way I think it should be done, especially on his independent release, Moontower. I have also really gotten into the song "Reflections" by Another Life, just another one of his bands.

    A few more:
    Camouflage - Pretty obscure group whose music is also very diverse; many of their songs remind me of...
    ...Wolfsheim - German synthpop group whose music I often find very uplifting, yet dark and tranquilising.
    VNV Nation - Beautiful dark electronic dance/goth music, with many songs containing sensational lyrics to boot.
    Covenant - Industrial/synthpop that has quite a dreamy air about it.
  7. William Guest

    Haha. So you did end up liking Another Life. I figured you would.

    Hmmm...If anyone does try out some Dan Swano, also try out Nightingale, which is another band of his. They released a few albums and are actually very good.

    If someone tries out stuff like Covenant and Razed in Black, and likes it; try out Icon of Coil, A Covenant of Thorns, The Crüxshadows, and... *draws a blank*.
  8. Corrupt Destination Tomorrow

    I'm going to get around to uploading some Project Pitchfork, if Arcy doesn't beat me to it. And, c'mon guys... where's the Apoptygma Berzerk?
  9. William Guest

    I've already uploaded some of each :p I just don't have more on my computer hahah. *coughs*Iwanttofindthatsoil&eclipsesong-sentenceme*coughs* :(
  10. chaleur spectrale flori veştejite

    Not that anyone here would actually like her, but I recommend Tori Amos. Piano, alternative rock, some weird stuff here and there.

    Good Goth shit:
    Miranda Sex Garden
    Siouxsie and the Banshees
    The Sisters of Mercy
    Claire Voyant

    Other stuff:
    Dead Can Dance [ethnic ethereal]
    A Murder of Angels [neoclassical / dark ambient]
    The Jesus and Mary Chain [shoegazer]
    Die Form [weird industrial shit]
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  11. Tatsu Dragoniac

  12. Lupinexus New Member

    You listen to a lot of shit.

    If you want some superb gothic music, pick up Hybrid by Gary Numan. Unlike his earlier material, which is more new wave/synthpopish, this album features very industrial-esque remixes of a wide range of his past works. I would recommend this to anyone, but it sounds right up your alley, killust.
  13. chaleur spectrale flori veştejite

    That one's nice... I think my favorite is From the Choirgirl Hotel, though. Added a lot more variation to her stuff.

    I think Numan is classified as synthpop, which I'm not really into lately... a bit too perky for my current state of mind. [Dead Can Dance has been most of what I've been listening to for about a week....God, I love them....]
    Haven't been listening to any industrial, either. So...eh...dunno....heh
  14. Sabreydoo all praise their sacrificed sons

    Really, check it out. I haven't even heard his new material, and I'm urging you to!

    That said...

    Currently into...
    Rush (majorly)
    Dream Theater (naturally)
    Angra (a bit on the side)

    Would like to hear stuff which sounds a bit like or can easily be appreciated by fans of...
    Angra's Holy Land
    Rush's Hemispheres
    "Life," by Devin Townsend

    I don't have any recommendations for specific people, I'm sorry.
  15. William Guest

  16. Sabreydoo all praise their sacrificed sons

    Checked out Shaman, love Freedom Call (going to see them live in March!), but... for some reason, I never checked out Rhapsody.

    Actually, I need more Freedom Call stuff. What albums would you recommend of both FC and Rhapsody?
  17. William Guest


    "Legendary Tales" is a definite must-get. Every song up there is quite excellent. "Symphony of Enchanted Lands II" is also very good. So is "Power Of The Dragonflame". I haven't checked out some of their albums yet though.

    Freedom Call:

    I've only heard "The Circle of Life" and "Stairway to Fairyland" but they were both pretty good, so check those out if you haven't. "The Circle of Life" is their newest album I believe.
  18. chaleur spectrale flori veştejite

    I'm listening to Ulver right now, though, and they're definitely on the industrial side.... eh. Fine. Lol
  19. NegativeTrend Stoned Immaculate

    Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa are the epitome of genre blender rock.
  20. Lupinexus New Member

    A little note someone might find of interest- this band was actually mentioned a couple times in an example in my English textbook. The subject involved was apparently a huge Myung fanboy. It just led me to further believe that they aren't as obscure as many people would like to think they are.

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