Death Note.

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  1. Poetic Sobriquet Cosmic Philosopher

    Near > Mello

    The end.
  2. Near Lawliet New Member

    You think so? I didn't like Melo at all. I thought that he was rather stupid.
    Who knows how he got to be in the Wammy House :rolleyes:

    Near was sooooo much cooler.
    He had the exact same mindset as L....except he wasn't so hesitant, and hesitation was L's tragic flaw!!
  3. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Eh, I did judge it on a stupid premise, that being originality. All in all Near is greater, and if I think about it, Melo may have been unique to DN, but the genius criminal mastermind in no way is so my earlier statement is invalidated.

    I change my vote to Near.
  4. Near Lawliet New Member

    Woo-hoo! I shall make it my life's aspiration to change everybody's vote to Near!! XD
  5. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Hesitation -- or rather, caution -- caused L's undoing only because of Kira being in a very advantageous position (what with Rem on his side and all) mixed with a streak of bad luck for L. All things considered, L lost to Kira more by chance than because of this so called tragic flaw, and overall L's deduction and skill was far superior to both Near and Mello in almost every way. I also think that L knew his end was close, but for one reason or another -- perhaps because of feelings to Light -- decided that his death would be better than any available alternatives.

    By that same token, Near was only able to take down Kira because of a mistake made my Mikami Teru, and even then Mello had to sacrifice himself in order to create a situation where that flaw could be acquired. And had Near's plan failed -- and it was a pretty weak plan -- it could have been said that his lack of hesitance was a tragic flaw.

    But yeah, I wasn't that big a fan of Near or Mello. Mello looked like a cross-dressing buffoon and Near was just a cheap replacement for L. The series would have been a lot better off had they just omitted that entire arc from the plot, if you ask me.

    L or nothing. <_<
  6. Near Lawliet New Member

    Ok. I'll give you the caution. But in the end what's the difference between that and hesitation?

    I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that.
    Some of the stuff that Near came up with (with NO help from Melo) was pretty kickass. He may not have been able to beat Kira all on his own, but his reasoning skills, imo, were equally matched by L's. :)

    Lol, that was my thought exactly as I was going into the Near/Melo stage of the series. I still think that Melo was a HUGE dumbass, but Near won me over pretty quick :D
  7. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Hesitation implies uncertainty needlessly hindering progress. Caution implies justified care in dealing with a situation.

    Eh ... Near was alright. I still think that he only defeated Kira because Mikami screwed up. Even L was only killed because of Rem; if it weren't for her, L very likely would have been the ultimate victor.
  8. Near Lawliet New Member

    Right. But in the end they both get you to the same place..... Nowhere :)

    Well, it was L's stupid decision to work with Light in the first place. What good came of it? He could have continued working in the shadows...then Rem wouldn't have known who to kill....and he would still be alive! :'(
  9. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    They can, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will. Caution is, for most purposes, far greater a position to hold than undue haste.

    I feel it was a brilliant decision on L's part, really: if Light wasn't Kira (a far more probable outcome based on the evidence available), his intelligence would prove to be an invaluable help to the investigation; if he was Kira, it would place L in a perfect position to observe Kira's movements, discover his modus operandi, and perhaps eventually build evidence which could lead to capture.

    It lead to a massive amount of information on Kira and Light which otherwise would not have been available. And I imagine without this information it would have been impossible for Near to later build a case against Light.

    Rem was a completely uncertain and volatile factor, one which was completely impossible to predict for L but which Near didn't even have to deal with. It was also one that could not have logically been foreseen when L decided to reveal himself to Light.

    I still hold that if L had the information that was available to Near, in the same circumstances, L could have easily captured Light as Kira far quicker and with more efficiency. It was only through the sacrifices of both L and Mello that Near was able to make the deductions which led to the capture of Kira. Were it not for Rem, L could have likely done the same without sacrifice.
  10. Near Lawliet New Member

  11. Near Lawliet New Member

    ***Double Post Alert!! Double Post Alert! Double Post Alert!! ***

    Near is albino. Who'da thunk? XD

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