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  1. William Guest

    Do you have any? Want any? If so, how many? Boys or girls, or does it even matter? Picked out any names yet? Discuss children here.

    I want at least one child, most likely 2-3 at the most. I love children and would love to have a child of my own, since I think they're truly amazing.

    I don't really care about the gender of the child, since it's not really relevant to me and I have picked out a few names already, but they may change as time passes by.


    Samantha Elizabeth
    Kaitlyn Marie


    William Alexander
  2. Leper Messiah Whoever hacked my title thinks their hardcore LMAO

    I hope I have kids someday, but its a long way off. If I had the chance to as of this moment, I wouldnt. The only problem I have with kids is when they get about to age 7 or 8 where they annoy to the point of insanity. I'll get over it though.

    As for names

    Boys: David
    Girls: Madison

    Thats all I can think of right now.
  3. Venom Well-Known Member

    There's no way to make this sound nice, but...I just don't want to expend the time, money, and mental load it takes to raise a child. That's just my belief now, but maybe later in life I'll have a new outlook...
  4. Sabreydoo all praise their sacrificed sons

    I'm not all too fussed about having children. I'd leave it at my spouse's discretion; I would be ready and willing to father their child if they were to wish me to, and would not dream of attempting to force her into having a child they didn't want. I haven't though too much about it, really... I'm aware that it'd be some amount of hassle, but at the same time it would be 1. a declaration of commitment, and 2. an enlightening and enjoyable project to undertake. Or so I'd think. Kinda like how this place is both more hassle to me, but an enjoyable project, only I believe fathering a child would be far more emotional.
  5. Vampiro V. Empire ist Krieg

    If I were to have kids, which I want to, the perferable number would be two. A boy and a girl. I could care less what the girl's name is, but I would want the boy's name to be James. It's a family name.
  6. Lupinexus New Member

    Nope. Like mosquitos, they're bloodsucking parasites. A mosquito, however, only drains your blood as opposed to your life savings, and can be taken care of with the rapid adjoining of one's hands as opposed to years and years of personal sacrifice. I refuse to be entirely or partially responsible for introducing another inefficient resource-depleting soul onto this already over-crowded planet. My conscience would vituperate me to no foreseeable end.

    I don't hate children, either. I'm just afraid of them, and I know better than to automatically loathe what I fear.
  7. I'd rather adopt kids/dogs/birds than produce more; hey, someone needs to take the responsibility.
  8. Speedfreak New Member

    You're (most likely) American. What the hell do you know about being overcrowded?

    I want to have kids just so I can make the percentage of badly raised children drop ever so slightly.
  9. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Children, ah, I've heard it involves sleepless nights, endless work, an almost extreme amount of money, and more than that, they are the ones that suffer if anything were to go wrong in my marriage (trust me, I know what's it's like to be a child watching his parents go through violent times). I'm not sure if I could handle it, especially during the first few years of my child's life. I wonder though, I've heard that the love you feel for your own child is beyond that of which you expect, but his/her life would be in my hands, such a responsibility. If I did have a child though, no spoiling would come of me, my child would work for everything he/she got, after all, the parent's job is to discipline, not to be a friend. As for names, eh, never really thought about it, such things seem too irrelevant for me to care about.
  10. Lupinexus New Member

    Geography major.

  11. Creepy. I know a William Alexander. He hates being called Alexander, too.
  12. Miso Sheriff

    No, probably not. Mainly because I don't want to leave them stuck if I am to die doing what I intend to. Also, over population on this Earth is something I don't think I want to contribute to.
  13. Leper Messiah Whoever hacked my title thinks their hardcore LMAO

    People say the world is overcrowded, but once you visit Most areas of New Mexico or the Panhandle of Oklahoma, theres nobody for miles.

    I know the world is overcrowded, but thats not going to stop me from having kids. For all of you that dont want kids someday, what are you going to say if your wife wants to have some?
  14. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    Same here. If I had kids their names would probably be:

    Boy: Niall

    Girl: Rachel

    (That's all I can think of right now.)
  15. Reius King of Lions

    I'm not too thrilled about the committment, time, and money that children entail, but I would love to have a child all set-backs put aside. Probably would like a boy more than a girl as boys are less emotional, and do entail less maitenance than a girl would.

    And if I had a child I think I would use the following names:
    Boy: Haley, Sasha, Luka, Micah, Caleb
    Girl: June, May, Celine, Hailey
  16. Speedfreak New Member

    Wasn't exactly what I was getting at.
  17. Lupinexus New Member

    That's considering it from a spatial perspective, while I was thinking along the lines of resource availability. There are simply too many humans on Earth rapidly consuming too many of the planet's resources simultaneously. Sure, there is plenty of space left in the Sahara and Antarctica and Greenland and Australia, but by no means does the availability of undeveloped physical space mean the world is not overcrowded. Humanity has long breached the point where reproduction would no longer further its success as a species, but hinder it instead.

    "No." Of course, the chances of me ever having a wife = slimmer than an anorexic tapeworm.

    Regardless what you were getting at, you asked what I know about being overcrowded. It seemed like a fairly general question to me. From personal experience, very little, but from studying population geography, a core element of the curriculum, plenty.
  18. Richaod Azn pride @

    Now, the amount of ways to interpret that must be myriad. Is it homosexuality, overfurriness, insanity caused by one's assumption that he is a wolf, actually being a woman in the first place, not wanting to go through marriage as a Christian ceremony, tapeworms grow larger if they don't eat...

    More important is whether you want to have a female partner or not. And concerning Australia's space, there's quite a lot of room for development in our very nice coastal cities (ahem, Japanese people in the Gold Coast), but the east coast aside, there's always our vast desert around the middle of Australia if you want to live there.

    Er, I can't see the point in not continuing my genetic, uh, line, so I intend to. For some reason, I dislike just about every single suggested name in these "baby name" threads. I myself can only think of a handful of names that I could attribute to attractive women, but that doesn't really work with a daughter, does it?

    I'm actually thinking along the same lines as Vampiro here, but I'd steer away from Christian names. Something original, but not stupid.
  19. Lupinexus New Member

    Or perhaps it's simply because I don't desire a wife now nor see myself doing so in the future, nor feel the need to adhere to such a societal convention. And I'm glad someone actually caught onto that this time around, since no one seemed to last time.
  20. Richaod Azn pride @

    Love and reproduction are societal conventions? Hey, wolves have sex too you know!


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