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  1. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I have interests in technology and science in general. I mostly want to help achieve the realization of technological fantasies from my childhood. Androids, mechs, holographic displays that sort of thing. I find it fun and exciting to deal with technology. The choices I've considered before were robotics/electronic engineer. I can do web development if I get certified. Graphic arts are something I do in my free time as well. Computer repair and other related subjects interest me as well. I studied a bunch of these things when I was a kid. Although when I was a kid I wanted to become a physicist.
  2. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Again, basically same question before. What do you want us to talk about, our career goals or commenting on yours? To make threads in the Serious Discussions, it's always better to involve the entire community in your discussion rather than just saying what you want and then hoping someone else responds in the manner you were hoping for.

    With that said, I'll post both: my career goal (yes, just one) is to be a history teacher. How I'm going to achieve that with no money for college? I'm not too sure yet, but robbing a bank sounds like a good idea right now.

    As for commenting on your career goals, I think you've got some talent for being a Graphics Designer if you so choose to head in that direction, and your computer knowledge is pretty good as far as I can tell, so anything with Computer Repair would be good for you, as well.
  3. Overdrive New Member

    Simply put, I want to be a game designer for Hudson Soft, Nihon Falcom, or Atlus. The reason why I don't want to work for a larger company like Electronic Arts for example is because I either grew up with the company (Hudson Soft, Nihon Falcom), or enjoy their games or a certain bunch of them (Hudson Soft's Bonk and Bomberman, Nihon Falcom's Ys series, Atlus' isometric strategy based RPG style).
  4. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Sorry about the thread structure, I do mean to here your situations.

    @Kat, I'd say look into loans or grants. I see no reason you wouldn't be able to do a good job at being a history teacher. Can you explain more why you chose that though?

    @Ryan, It might be a bit harder to do what you're talking about but not impossible none the less. You'd likely have to move. I thought about working for Sega for similar reasons.
  5. Overdrive New Member

    I know I have to move. I plan on moving to Japan as soon as I'm done school...once I start.
  6. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Atlus ports the Disgaea and other Nippon Ichi games so that wouldn't be too bad. It'd be cool to meet some voice actors.
  7. Tatsu Dragoniac

    I'm nearly at the end of studying at the higher school of commerce to get a diploma in business science. The whole studying takes three years and I have to attend school in the evening after work three times a week. My last examns will take place in September so I will have to take one last effort...

    I allready switched jobs form the debt collecting department to the part of the tax office that checks tax declarations from people who have their own businesses. It's interesting but this whole bookkeeping stuff gets a bit dry and boring sometimes. But since it pays well I won't complain...
  8. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Career Goals make me feel nervous for some reason. I originally went to school to become a therapist, so I majored in Psychology, but now...I'm not quite sure WHAT I want to be doing career-wise. Working in Veteran's Affairs is sort of awesome, and I could probably get promoted to something else if I motivate myself, but for now...pushing papers, running errands, fixing administration issues is fine. I may go back to school for something else, but maybe when the economy improves.
  9. Zackapple Express khdahahfdiahkai fka

    I remember I wanted to be a doctor in the field of Biology. Then it hit me- there was no way I could do this. None. No matter how hard I tried, I wouldn't excel at that subject. So, midway through sophomore year, I changed my major to financing. I'm happy I made that choice.
  10. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Oh, yeah, when I was a kid I wanted to be a lawyer, because I loved to argue and find loopholes out of various...rules and regulations, but when I realized the amount of work that went into being a lawyer (and how sometimes justice is a bitch to corruption) I went "NO WAY".
  11. Venom Well-Known Member


    No, really, I wanna serve as a designer of sorts for video games. Like a concept designer, coming up with gameplay scenarios as well as designs for characters and worlds and stuff. I think that would be awesome.
  12. Tatsu Dragoniac

    As a kid I wanted to be an aerchologist (or whatever it is called in English) and dig out dinoaur bones. :D
  13. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    I've been looking into health care-related fields over the past couple days, and I'm seriously considering starting some kind of certificate program soon. Short-term I'm looking at becoming a pharmacy tech. I was just talking to one today, and the requirements aren't that crazy. If you know someone, you can get in with just a high school diploma. Pay starts at something like $11-12 an hour, which is more than I'm making right now.

    I'd like to use the extra money to get a commercial pilot's license someday if I could. Or, I could continue my schooling and get a health care job higher up the pyramid someday. Not sure at all where exactly I'll end up.
  14. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Oh, yeah, health care is definitely the place to be if you're looking for stability and decent pay (given the proper connections/schooling). If I do go back to school I'm thinking about something health care related. Hell, my mother is taking courses on health administration data billing whatever the hell it's called. All I know is that she keeps bothering and paying me to do her homework. Well, I had to pay for that Case Closed DVD set somehow >__>;.
  15. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I think I'd like to get into art a lot more heavily. I've been practicing but my progress is slow compared to some people.
  16. Tatsu Dragoniac

    Any plans about going to an art school or something?
  17. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I've thought about it seriously. I probably need to but I lack the focus to do much lately. Until I get that problem out of the way, I'll feel that schooling will be hopeless.
  18. Venom Well-Known Member

    Man, I have that problem. I couldn't handle going to school and working because I wouldn't be able to keep my focus on both of them. I'd end up either neglecting my schoolwork or I'd never get anything done at work because I'd be so focused on what I need to do at school. So even if I did go to school to "be something" like everyone in my family wants me to, I doubt I'd make it to graduation.
  19. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    More like schooling would be a waste of resources. Never go to school (beyond high school, anyway) without some degree of focus. I'm not expecting huge ambition, but if you go just for the hell of it...well...yeah, it's just not a good idea, so for now the spark needed to motivate yourself. So, like, yeah! It's better to be honest, so I don't consider it hopeless; it CAN happen.
  20. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Currently my goal is to make it with my art. Literature and Music are my two creative mediums. I am progressing pretty well in both an will hopefully have my first novel and album done by the end of the summer. Beyond that I plan on getting the credentials to teach English and possibly other subjects at a high school and eventually university/college level(the latter if my plans with my music and writing fall through, no one wants to teach high school forever!). Currently I am going to school to major in English and one other subject, either Journalism, Writing, or Philosophy. This whole goal of mine up until a year ago was something I just thought about once in a while and showed no real ambition towards. I had considered myself a writer in the past but was never any good. Then I went through a live changing ordeal and from it I started playing guitar which began my musical endeavors( I also have begun playing keyboards and am studying music theory). Then, a few months ago I was reading a Jack Kerouac biography which pointed me in the direction of Ginsburg. I read a book of his poems and was incredibly inspired to write again and have been devoting myself to my writing, even more than my music, ever since.

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