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Discussion in 'Tatsu - Psychedelic Chamber' started by William, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. William Guest

    What's the best movie to watch when you're high or tripped out?

    Mine would have to be Half Baked, which I've watched a million times (slight exaggeration of course :p).

    But out of the ones there, The Wall is pretty trippy to watch while you're high. Actually, to me...just about any movie is trippy to watch when you're completely stoned; especially comedies.
  2. Tatsu Dragoniac

    If you are stoned or high or whatever and wanna lough until you wet your pants then go for Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. It's the most funny movie about drugs ever!!!!

    If you are more in a trippy mood then I suggest Yellow Submarine from the Beatles. You know, the cartoon with lots of trippy visuals.

    Then there are some more (or at least half serious) drug movies:

    Spun is fun too, but has some serious content. And if you are more into serious films then go for Requiem For A Dream. One of the most impressive movies about drugs and addiction. Far better than the Trainspotting movie.

    Oh and a classic movie from England about nighlife and exstasy: Human Traffic. Very good, also funny but it's also very realistic. I love it!
  3. OriginalGamer81 Established 1981

    I too would say Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. I hear its made specificly for LSD, but I watch it high, and it is still a very trippy movie. I cant believe how fucked up those two guys get in that movie.
  4. William Guest

    I have to see that now. I've never seen it...
  5. Tatsu Dragoniac

    I haven't heard that LSD-thing, but could be possible. The movie is based on a book by Thomson Hunter, he seemed to be quite drugged up himself so no wonder the movie turned out like this. I even can't stop laughing seeing it when I'm sober.
  6. OriginalGamer81 Established 1981

    I also laugh my ass off at it when I am sober. Its just so funny. Willaim I def. recomen seeing it.
  7. Tatsu Dragoniac

    After watching it for the first time me and my friends were using quotes from the movie for weeks. And there are so much memorable scenes that keeping me laughing when I just think about it. The moment when he wakes up, wearing a crocodile tail, the intro when he is using a fly flap to smash imaginary bats, when he took that huge LSD plotter and had to check in in the hotel, seeing the receptionist as huge monster. Well, I could go on and on...
  8. OriginalGamer81 Established 1981

    Napolean Dynamite.

    So funny when you are stoned. There are so many funny quotes i use everyday from that movie. My girl just bought me the soundtrack. There are like 40 tracks, most of them are one liners, or memorable dialogue from the movie. It looks stupid as hell, but it is really a funny movie.
  9. Lupinexus New Member

    I remember watching a film called Homegrown quite awhile ago, and I enjoyed it. I'm actually not sure it qualifies as a "stoner" movie, but marijuana is a central theme. It's as much of a thriller and a drama as a comedy, actually. This is a highly overlooked film, especially considering the stars in the cast; Billy Bob Thornton is perfect in this movie.

    I imagine The Big Lebowski would be quite a good film to watch while "stoned." When The Dude 'trips out,' the images can get pretty groovy, man. Besides that, the movie itself is excellent.

    The Wall is also a fantastic picture, if you particularly enjoy Pink Floyd's music and plenty of surreal images to go along with it. It's like one long, long music video.

    And if you are not looking for any intellectual challenges and just want some mindless fun on a confoozly friday night, see Airheads.
  10. Tatsu Dragoniac

    There's a cartoon by and with the Beatles called Yellow Submarine. It's very psychedelic with lots of Beatles song in it. I can highly recommend it if you can get your hands on.
  11. NegativeTrend Stoned Immaculate

    The Doors is by far one of the most amazing movies to watch while un-stoned or stoned. Though you might not get it unless you have experienced hallucinations. Another one to add to your getting stoned list is The Wall. (duh) Anyway, do yourself a favor and watch The Doors starring Val Kilmer. He plays Jim Morrison well. :D
  12. Tatsu Dragoniac

    I saw the Doors movie in the cinema when it was out. It really is a good movie but it didn't grap me as Spun or other movies did. I haven't had the chance to watch The Wall but it must be amazing. Pink Floyd (and The Doors, too) make such great music.
  13. Kadenzza New Member

    Reefer Madness is my fave film about stoners, and Finding Nemo is the best to watch whilst stoned.
  14. Hyper soul society

    I was just about to mention Reefer Madness. :cool:
  15. Tatsu Dragoniac

    I don't know Refeer Madness, what's it about?
  16. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    I still think "Dude, Where's My Car?" is the best, I love that movie...
  17. Hyper soul society

    The "evils" of marijuana and its corrupting society and such. It's an older flick.
  18. William Guest

    Yeah, I have Reefer Madness, but it never really interested me. It's a black and white film, more like a documentary in the 1930s? I think...

    The only good thing about it is that their thinking on it, is totally wrong, so it's kind of funny...

    But other than that, meh.

    "Homegrown" was a decent flick though...and I watched another one the other day..."Rolling Kansas" I think...on Comedy wasn't all that great, but still good enough for a one-time watch.

    I still say that "Half-Baked" is the best...
  19. Hyper soul society

    I just realized that most WinAMP and WMP visualizations would be great to view while stoned.
  20. NegativeTrend Stoned Immaculate

    Everyone, it's official, you have to see Requiem For A Dream.

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